Need ‘me time’ can’t get any privacy?

We all need a bit of privacy, and most certainly deserve some ‘me time’!

With our hectic lives and busy schedules it’s not always so easy to switch off from the world and just take a minute for ourselves.

However, we have a solution…Shut it all out! How we hear you ask…

With our trusty blinds, you can literally shut out the world. Pull down the smooth flowing safety cord, reduce the sun glare and shut out the chaos. Its about time you got some privacy aye.

Whether you are in need of a blind for the kitchen, bathroom, living area, bedroom or any other room we have a design for you. We can make you all different types; Vertical, Roller and Roman! Plus we measure and install for you so you need not to worry about that either, already feeling a little bit more relaxed?

Our blinds are made bespoke to order & no this doesn’t mean it’s mega money. We understand that everyone has a different budget and everyone deserves a lovely home, this is why we have a variety of options to meet your requirements. From our basic range of plains to custom selected prints made to order, we’ve got blinds covered!

However we don’t stop there! We also supply the tracks, another task made easy. From standard pull cords to timed self opening tracks we can meet your needs.

To find out more give us a call on 01884 235885 or 07771578459

Sue Scammell Interiors - Bath roller


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