Interior design package on a budget?

An Interior design package doesn’t have to be mega money, we all have our budgets!

We believe amazing interiors can be achieved even on a budget, the results are down to the design skills. Along with our 30 years expertise and  extensive range of products we can support you in building your dream interiors and within your price range. There are several ways we can do this as we offer a range of a design packages, we’d be more than happy to talk it all through with you over the phone.

Did you know that we not only design interiors but we manufacture the soft furnishings within our our Devon workshop? This means we have full control of the process, so you’ll receive only the best! Another brilliant bonus for you is that when you place the order with us all of our consolation time comes FREE, yet another saving!

We like to start at the beginning by having a chat about what it is you’d like to achieve. This will then give us a better understanding of the project and we can start to create your design package. We can bring samples of fabrics, lighting, mirrors, fixings, paints, wallpapers, rugs and much more to you to really begin to bring your dream home to life. Once we’ve measured for you and the order is placed our wonderful seamstress will hand make to order your soft furnishings! When they are ready we will then deliver them to your home and install, so you don’t have to worry.


Doesn’t this all sound great? Go on give us a call on 01884 235885 or 07771578459 to discuss your project further.

Design package


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