Pole or Track?

So what will it be Pole or Track or maybe both?

Yes, we really are your one stop shop! Another convenient service we provide is supplying poles and tracks.

From our 30 years of experience we can confidently say that by us supplying your poles and tracks the whole project will run much smoother for you! Not only can we help with size, colour and finish we will measure and install all your poles and tracks supplied by us to you! We have so many types from the traditional wooden curtain pole to electrical self timed tracks and everything in-between!

This system works even more efficiently if you have placed the order with us to make your curtains and blinds. Once we’ve installed your poles and tracks from our range we will know the perfect measurements to hand make your bespoke curtains or blinds in our Devon workshop.

Having our own workshop means we have full control of our products right from the start, from receiving the basic materials to packaging of your finished items.  Not only that we can be specific with deadlines and stick you them. It is even in our control to prioritise urgent orders and deliver them with promised results!

Another great fact about having our own workshop is that we can guarantee quality, because we have a watchful eye over the whole process from arrival of fabric to the finish product we know you’ll be receiving top notch goods. Quality is a very important factor for us, we only accept the best and therefore you will too.

So what will it be Pole or Track? Or maybe a bit of both?

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