The Barton

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The Barton is a well recommended holiday outlet in Devon and it is beautiful!

From the fabulous beams to the difficult windows we enjoyed bring the rooms alive with a touch of soft furnishings.

The soft green tones used throughout compliment the natural surroundings of the property and harmonise with the wooden beams within the building.

We have achieved a luxurious interior using minimal pattern and colour, we have simply enhanced the buildings features. An example of this is shown within the bedroom featuring a rather difficult window to dress. The triangular shape of the beams is echoed in the window making a challenging window dressing. However, being experts in difficult windows we jumped straight in and embraced the geometric angles and came up wit this idea. We think it’s stunning! The curtains a very full giving a sense of luxury and allow the curtain to drape wonderful around the window, the best part about this window dressing is the the natural shape has been used and not taken away. It makes a splendid feature!

The elegance of the drapery within the dining room also enhances the space. The soft green is brighter than the bedroom but this appropriate as the dining room is a communal room for entertaining. The fresh tone curtain really lend themselves to the large open glass windows and doors, enough natural light is allowed to enter the space but privacy from the outdoor eating area is also considered.

Overall the beautiful Barton is bright, fresh, modern but still embraces its natural surroundings of the rich green Devon countryside.