Coordinating adjacent rooms within a country cottage

Nutcombe is a property where the walls nor windows are straight and we love that!

One of our many specialities are difficult windows & although these windows are modern fixings we still had our challenges when fixing into the walls – but we love a challenge!

With the fixings and installation challenges aside we must admire the gorgeous fabrics within this home. The colours continue throughout the house allowing the eye to adjust gradually. The tones remain the same which is really beneficial as the property homes some rather lovely dark furniture and beams which dominate the space.

The warm greens, yellows and oranges really compliment the natural feel of the property and subtle project accent colours within each room.

The fun embroidered prints add another dimension to the clients home through colour and texture. Simple and repetitive designs often work really well creating an eye catching and fun feature. Classic stripes are a timeless choice, we really like how successful the green and white stripe is in this home. The white allows a continuos flow from the walls across the window whereas the green brings the beautiful natural Devon countryside from outside in. The balance of the two stripes within the fabric and the placement on the window is very successful indeed.

King - Kitchen Blind King - Living area blind King - Blind King - Blind & frame