Modern Elegance

Class & elegance within a new build property

Modern Elegance is exactly what it says on tin!

The family wanted to create a functional home with class and a modern fresh feel.

Using a light colour on the walls really helped us to maximise the space, giving a sense the family that fresh feel.

To liven up the base colour on the walls we used statement wall dressings to manipulate the spacial surroundings within each room. An example of this was the way in which we coordinated colour within the stairway of this home. We used a dark and bold wallpaper with a white flower print and bright green accent colours to contrast the white walls, this not only complimented the light wall colour but also brought interest and colour balance into the space.

The beauty of white walls is that you can pick any colour way to work with them. Neutral tones bring subtle pattern and warmth to this home, like the striped blind, we handmade in our Devon workshop hung by us, in the bathroom. We love the quirky ‘House rules’ featured on the wall, filling the space and bringing personality and character into the room.

A sense of class is portrayed through the wallpaper, enhanced by the lighting and supported by the clean crisp colour on the wall. All brought together by the warming tones of the wall accessories and flooring.


Patchett BathroomStairway Light v wallpaper Patchett bench