Pepper Cottage

Pepper Cottage is a beautiful home nestled in the heart of Devon lanes. It houses small doorways, rustic beams and plenty of character.

The client wanted a country cottage feel without loosing any sense of space or light. The theme runs throughout the home and from our initial brief we worked with the client to achieve this beautiful result.

Using a very similar principle in each room of the house we achieved a detailed yet light enhancing window dressing. The balance of colour was extremely important in making this project a success. The light backgrounds of all the fabrics lends itself to reflecting light back into the room. This complimented with the detailed prints in colour make achieve the country cottage feel the client expressed they wanted.

Not forgetting to mention the fabulous attention to detail that makes both the curtains and blinds within this property, the pom poms! It just shows how something a little can make the world of difference. The pom moms give the soft furnishings a modern and fun twist, something a bit unusual. This is a great example of why we love working with people, everyone has their own style and preferences, a reflection of their personality. Not one project is the same, its fabulous!

Pepper Cottage - Chair Pepper Cottage - close up blue Pepper Cottage - close up dining Pepper Cottage - curtain, blind Pepper Cottage - Pink chair Pepper Cottage - close up lamp Pepper Cottage - Dining table Pepper Cottage - Dining door Pepper Cottage - Cushion close up Pepper Cottage - lamp Pepper Cottage - Living room